Amsterdam Threesome

Our erotic weekend in Amsterdam as a couple with an extra girl

My wife and I travelled to Amsterdam, we are both in our late twenties and newlyweds. It was supposed to be a romantic trip, an erotic escape from our daily live, and it turned out to be just that. We are a fairly open-minded couple who talks a lot openly about weaknesses, desires and sexual phantasies. We were both on a great basis and happy together. I booked a standalone apartment in the city centre in order to feel like locals. Without any hotel structure and plan we wanted to just spend the days strolling around drinking coffee and enjoying the city without any stress.


Day 1

As we arrived in the apartment a bottle of wine was awaiting us, and as I put water into the bathtub, my wife got undressed, while I was telling her to leave the blankets open so the neighbours could watch us enjoying our wine in the bathtub. It was the start of an exciting weekend that pushed our boundaries and grew us together as we were trying new things and making our relationship and lives more exciting. All we had to do was to be open, feeling completely free, trusting each other and not being ashamed of embarrassing ourselves. Well if you are two, embarrassment can be funny though.

In the evening as we looked up where we should go out in one of the most liberal cities in the world we opted for a swinger bar that happend to be just next door. It was horrible, all the stereotypes you heard about those bars were true. There were maybe 5 people and we were forced to drink for at least 20euroes. Well we did exactly that in the bar, as fast as we could, embarrassed, but laughing. There was one very strange person in his sixties, he was a not so attractive man dressed up horribly as a women. Suddenly a beautiful couple – I guess as naive as we were – came in. Their faces looked shocked but as they spotted us, you could see some relieve. Naturally we came into discussion and we honestly revealed our intentions of having an adventurous weekend in Amsterdam. So did they, both coming from London and both in their late twenties. She had blond beautiful hair with an innocent cute face and a cute British accent. He was well built, has a pretty face, dark skin and Indian roots. We drank some wine together at the bar as they confessed some of their adventures already made while staying in Amsterdam. We were laughing a lot and their openness and courage attracted us to them, so we decided to take them to our apartment and see what happens. They agreed. The ladies kissed and undressed each other while the two men watched, followed by making love of the couples next to each other. There was no touching of strangers except between the ladies, and it was a beautiful boundary preventing any jealousy. As they left few hours later, we had a great and happy feeling, and an experience that grew us together and which you do not find everywhere. Trust was the key. Openness and giving the impulse. And most of all: an ever growing love to each other made this experience possible.

Day 2

Riding on that wave, the day after we went for shopping, as I suddenly had to pee. I stormed into a coffee bar in the shopping streets and as I passed by the window of the bar, I pretty blond Dutch girl winked at me. Most guys would take this for their ego and never ever tell their wife. Not me, I told her that I was happy about what just happened, it did not happen to me before in my life. Maybe my wife was a bit jealous, but she said that she would be happy for me. Remembering the theme of the weekend, she took her courage and told me that I should show the girl to her. So as we left the clothing shop we grabbed a coffee at the coffee bar next door. My wife agreed that she was pretty, and as we were looking for more fun she told me to go and ask her number. I suddenly felt like fourteen again, single, scared to death to go and ask the number of a girl. I reminded myself why we were here for, and that embarrassment, when two, can be funny.

So I took all my courage, went over and gave her my number, while telling her that initially it was my wife’s idea. It wasn’t me who was embarrassed anymore, it was the blond tall girl, blushing on her white skin. Her blue eyes were blazing while I wrote my number on a paper. While I was going back to my wife she quickly left the coffee bar and rode away on her Dutch bike while losing her scarf. She quickly picked it up glanced back and rode off. We were sure we would never hear from her again.

But in the evening around 10 o’clock, a message popped up on my phone “Are you guys still in town?”. We promptly answered her that we were on our way to our apartment and that we would be happy if she would join us. She was at a party, where she could not leave by saying what her intentions were. So she waited until 12 o’clock to leave the party by pretending that she would be tired and wants to go to bed. She came along with her bike and a bottle of limoncello. It was a great night, it was a great weekend, which neither of us regrets.

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