The Summer BBQ-dinner that unfolded into an orgy

We were five happy couples, having a summer barbeque, drinks and sex

Photo by Morgan Sessions
Photo by Morgan Sessions

To be honest it was planned, the intention was there all evening long and it happened to be one of the best memories of that summer.

Last summer in June when it was getting really hot outside and the sun was shining for a full schedule of 10 hours a day, friends of us, an open-minded couple, suggested us to organise a sexy classy BBQ at their place. We found 3 more couples to join. None of us knew what to expect but everyone was looking forward to an adventure.          

We met one of the couples, Chad and Rosie, participating at the event on the afternoon before the dinner. We have never met them before, as we invited them through an erotic portal, and wanted to get to know them as they were a very sexy couple. We showed them a bit around our city, had some coffee on a sunny terrace and came a long great with them. We bounded immediately, we were attracted to each other and agreed to pick them up from the hotel before the dinner. Here I have maybe to explain that two man can be attracted to each other in a non-sexual way. There was trust, there was understanding, a mutual connection on an intellectual basis. For the two ladies, they were definitely sexually attracted to each other as we would find out later that evening.

summer terrace

As the evening finally started everyone looked beautiful, the ladies have worn white summer dresses and the men shorts and summer fashioned classic shirts. We had a barbeque and we were drinking Hugo’s, chatting a lot and listening to some chill summer tunes. It was very cosmopolitan, as we stood on the terrace of this small city flat. Everyone flirted with everyone and the atmosphere was sparkling. No one knew what more would happen that evening. A befriended couple that we invited spontaneously the evening before were feeling very comfortable even though they were out of their normal comfort zone, as they have never experienced an event where couples were having sex in front of them. But I had the feeling everyone was out of their normal comfort zone, even the couples who had done stuff like this before. Events like this are, and always should be something special. Thrilling.

We were flirting a lot with our couple, Chad and Rosie. The ladies came along great and Rosie really was into my wife, as one could tell from her looks and body language. They were laughing together, touching each other and making each other compliments. Rosie suddenly grabbed my wife, kissed her on the balcony in front of everyone and dragged her into the bathroom. They disappeared for 10 minutes, and my wife did not look the same anymore when she came back, she looked like she was just enjoying what happened in there, she had her after-sex hair.

I was talking to Chad, and we had agreed that we would take the ladies to a room and have a foursome. The party was getting started and the other two more experienced couples could also not hold back anymore. Our befriended novice couple became a bit nervous, and watched what would happen. They were standing very close to each other all the time and enjoying what was happening around them.

Chad, Rosie my wife and I disappeared into the living room and got undressed. The ladies first, they undressed each other slowly, so that the men could watch and enjoy the unwrapping of the beautiful gift, they were. My wife started to kiss Rosie all over her body, before touching and kissing her between her legs. We, the gentlemen, were still watching while slowly undressing individually ourselves. We joined them and soft swapped our wife’s. He went to my wife and I went to his. I was kissing and touching Rosie, while my wife and Chad made out. We all looked each other constantly into the eyes, to see if everything and everyone was ok. We followed the flow of our lust without crossing anybody’s line of comfortability. In a situation like this, no one wants to take any risks that could destroy it. Everyone wants this sensation of four dimensional sex to last as long as possible.

While the four of us were having sex, we could hear more sex noises from the flat, which was very stimulating, comforting us in our endeavour. The other experienced couples had sex on the bed, while our novice couple where standing in the door, touching each other, and watching for the first time other people having sex.

Later, all of us all sat half naked on the balcony in the middle of this warm night covered in blankets. No one was talking anymore, everyone just seemed to be exhausted, flashed and satisfied.

You might wonder where to find open-minded couples like this, well if you are open-minded yourself, you will see them. There are more and more young couples having these phantasies.

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Threesome with the Couchsurfing girl.

We are a couple and hosted a girl from Couchsurfing. We had sex.
Photo by Benjamin Combs
Photo by Benjamin Combs

Before I met my wife, I used to host couch surfers all the time. is a platform where you can host people for free or ask people to be hosted. I love meeting new people, understanding cultures and putting faith in the people I host. I lived in a small apartment and when my wife moved in, it became even a lot smaller. I missed Couchsurfing. I missed the unknown, the adventure you always have when hosting strangers on your couch. I convinced my wife to log back in, make a profile as a couple and to free up some space in our flat. She agreed and we started hosting different people, interesting people: for example we once hosted a young couple fleeing from the Ukraine conflict, eager to travel the world and to see the good in the world again.

One day we had a request from a single women that travelled through Europe alone, she was a hitchhiker and we decided to accept her as she was very late minute and had no couch to sleep on.

As she arrived my wife was still at work and I showed her around the city and grabbed some coffee. She was a really funny and happy person with a great personality and stories to tell that blow your mind. She travelled bravely through South America for almost a year on her own, without anything but her bag.

In the evening, as my wife joined, the three of us cooked together. We drunk some wine, listened to our favourite songs, danced to salsa music and talked a lot. It was a great chemistry, we knew instantly that we could tell each other everything. We also knew she would leave tomorrow to conquer the rest of the world. Somehow the conversation started around the topic of sex, and we tried to figure out how someone’s sex life looks like if you are travelling all the time on your own. We also mentioned that we are kind of open-minded and that we like sex in public or to be watched during sex.

She found that so exciting and told us that she would love to watch us that night. The chemistry and idea turned us so on, that we undressed each other in front of her on our couch, while she was sitting next to us and drinking red wine. She was relaxed and enjoyed the show.

As we continued to touch ourselves in front of her, we could see in her face that she was excited. Her body language expressed that she was wet as she slowly spread her legs. She could not hold back anymore to not touch herself as well. We left her in that situation for few minutes but then dragged her in, for what she was waiting for all the time. Our three bodies melted together into a beautiful sculpture of lust, right there on the couch that was dedicated to host her with generosity and warmth. This was the only time something like that happened through couch surfing for us, but no regrets: it counts to understanding cultures and life.

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The Loft – Secret sexparties

Photo by Abigail Keenan

Imagine a loft where men wear suites and the ladies elegant black dresses. There is champagne, drinks and a massive wooden table in the middle of the room accompaigned with a warm buffet. This place exists, and it is one of the most beautiful places with a magical atmosphere that makes people do beautiful things they cannot imagine the first time they come here. The lights are set low, candles lights are burning, jazz music is playing very softly and the temperature rises up to 27 degrees in the loft. The ceilings are 3 meters high and from above are hanging big chandeliers.

Loft - secret sexparties
Photo by Lizelle De Wit

At the hosts announces to the around 80 selected guests that the ladies have to take off their black dresses, leaving them in sexy lingerie, topless or even completely naked with only suspenders and high heels. It is completely up to them to decide what they will wear under their black dress. As the atmosphere heats up you will see more and more couples and people getting intimate with each other..

It feels great touching your partner in front of other people the way you would only do it at home in your four walls. It feels also great watching other people, how they do it, to learn from them. In some corners and rooms you can even only stand their and watch orgies unfold.

It is like you were always playing piano at home just for yourself, and suddenly you are in a band.

The aftermath of such secret sexparties, leaves you with a good feeling. Senses were awakened, you have seen plenty of beautiful naked skin and it will give you a smile from time to time, when you sitting in your office the following Monday.

This particular party was held in Frankfurt, Germany. I am sure it is not the only one.

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Tips for an erotic weekend as a couple in Paris

Some addresses and experiences  for an unforgettable weekend in Paris.

Paris by Pierre Rougier

Paris is well known for being the city of love. While it hosts shows like Moulin Rouge and Crazy Horse, some of the most erotic shows in the world, it also offers some more special venues for couples which are looking forward to spice up their sex lives. If you are planning a weekend with your partner in this marvellous city you should add a little extra spice to your weekend. If you want an extraordinary erotic weekend then I suggest you the following program I did with my wife a few months after our wedding.

Tip: Book a hotel or apartment in the city’s artist area Montmartre.


Buy some small bottles of champagne for your trip in the train or flight as surprise. In advance book a table at one of the city’s erotic shows like Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse or Lido show for the first evening of your arrival. Alternatively you can have dinner in a chic restaurant, followed by a drink in Le Carmen.


This is where the mystery and thriller starts. Try to sleep as long as you can, as the night will turn out to be an adventure that will need all your senses and maybe physical fitness. Les Chandelles. Note the phone number and address. Make a reservation for dinner for a Saturday evening. Do this prior to your travel as it is busy, you may leave only a voice message. Order a taxi to get there. You won’t find it alone as it is only a black door in a small street. This will not give you guaranteed access to the very impressive luxury club, but you made everything right so far as the man suited up and the lady wears an elegant black dress with high-heels, jewellery and very very sexy lingerie.
Lingerie example by Maison Close (

While you will have a very sexy candle light dinner just the two of you, you will see the intentions of the other couples and guests in the surrounding mirrors of the restaurant.

After the dinner you may visit the basement vault for another drink at the bar. From here on I leave you alone and let you make your own experience. Never forget: a polite no always counts as a no, nothing must happen but everything can happen. That are the only rules that count here.


Finish off with one of the greatest brunches you ever had in a quite hidden hotel called:

Hotel Particulier Montmartre: 23, avenue Junot, Pavillon D, 75018 Paris

Hotel particulier Montmartre
Hotel particulier Montmartre

Enjoy and grow,

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5 Tips for a healthy sexual relationship

Here some key tips I think are essential for great sex with your partner.

1 Accept your partner

You have to be really happy with your partner and like everything about him or her. There are maybe some faults in your partner that may annoy you. Sometimes they are not as bad as they might seem, look at the positive outcome. If it is really a no-go than talk about it smoothly and try to change it. Thus change what you cannot accept about your partner and accept what you cannot change, by looking for a positive outcome in his or her behaviour.

2 Create a great basis

To receive something from your partner you first have to give. Thake him/her out on a date, spend good times together, every moment spent in happiness will make your relationship stronger. In bad times, the good times we be recalled and indirectly measured out. Think of good and bad moments as a balance, so put some weight into the good memories. You simply might take him/her out on a romantic dinner, concert or theatre but you can also be a bit more creative by organising a city trip, moonlight picnic or you could make her jump naked in your best friends pool at night when he’s on holiday. Yes the last example needs some creativity and organisation: start off with making friends that own a pool.


3 Compliment your partner. Every day, yes every day!

To make someone feel comfortable with themselves, you need to make them compliments, a lot of compliments, tons of compliments. It makes people happy and keeps them going. In order that this tip does not backfire you have to really mean it. It can be small things, even negative characteristics can be turned into nice compliments. For example: my wife walks like a duck, she would make a bad Victoria secret model on stage, but I tell her that she has the cutest walk I have ever seen, and I mean it by heart. She’s even cuter when running!

4 Cut to the point

Now that your partner is really happy, confident and loves you, while taking him or her out and drinking champagne or wine, talk about sex. Ask him or her if they have had any phantasies or sexual dreams. Ask if there ever was a sexual phantasy your partner wanted to experience, even before you met. Give your partner the feeling that you would like to know and try it out, even if it gets weird, in order to make him or her happy. Normally something should come up, there is always something one wants to try and is too shy to name it. If not, slowly increase the amount of alcohol and dig deeper. Here is the point where I should mention: Drink with responsibility and try not to act like the guys from CSI. Try to be yourself, honest and calm. If you are shocked or have any weird feelings, take a few breaths and try to be rational.

5 Take your time

Repeat steps 1 to 5 as much as possible, and always try to have a great and positive outcome of your conversation about sex. As you implement new ideas: role plays, threesomes or sex in public, always try it with moderation as long as it is good and a positive experience for both! Having a great sexual relationship needs time, so prepare yourself to iterate over this process multiple times. Hopefully someday you can leave the champagne aside.

Amsterdam Threesome

Our erotic weekend in Amsterdam as a couple with an extra girl

My wife and I travelled to Amsterdam, we are both in our late twenties and newlyweds. It was supposed to be a romantic trip, an erotic escape from our daily live, and it turned out to be just that. We are a fairly open-minded couple who talks a lot openly about weaknesses, desires and sexual phantasies. We were both on a great basis and happy together. I booked a standalone apartment in the city centre in order to feel like locals. Without any hotel structure and plan we wanted to just spend the days strolling around drinking coffee and enjoying the city without any stress.


Day 1

As we arrived in the apartment a bottle of wine was awaiting us, and as I put water into the bathtub, my wife got undressed, while I was telling her to leave the blankets open so the neighbours could watch us enjoying our wine in the bathtub. It was the start of an exciting weekend that pushed our boundaries and grew us together as we were trying new things and making our relationship and lives more exciting. All we had to do was to be open, feeling completely free, trusting each other and not being ashamed of embarrassing ourselves. Well if you are two, embarrassment can be funny though.

In the evening as we looked up where we should go out in one of the most liberal cities in the world we opted for a swinger bar that happend to be just next door. It was horrible, all the stereotypes you heard about those bars were true. There were maybe 5 people and we were forced to drink for at least 20euroes. Well we did exactly that in the bar, as fast as we could, embarrassed, but laughing. There was one very strange person in his sixties, he was a not so attractive man dressed up horribly as a women. Suddenly a beautiful couple – I guess as naive as we were – came in. Their faces looked shocked but as they spotted us, you could see some relieve. Naturally we came into discussion and we honestly revealed our intentions of having an adventurous weekend in Amsterdam. So did they, both coming from London and both in their late twenties. She had blond beautiful hair with an innocent cute face and a cute British accent. He was well built, has a pretty face, dark skin and Indian roots. We drank some wine together at the bar as they confessed some of their adventures already made while staying in Amsterdam. We were laughing a lot and their openness and courage attracted us to them, so we decided to take them to our apartment and see what happens. They agreed. The ladies kissed and undressed each other while the two men watched, followed by making love of the couples next to each other. There was no touching of strangers except between the ladies, and it was a beautiful boundary preventing any jealousy. As they left few hours later, we had a great and happy feeling, and an experience that grew us together and which you do not find everywhere. Trust was the key. Openness and giving the impulse. And most of all: an ever growing love to each other made this experience possible.

Day 2

Riding on that wave, the day after we went for shopping, as I suddenly had to pee. I stormed into a coffee bar in the shopping streets and as I passed by the window of the bar, I pretty blond Dutch girl winked at me. Most guys would take this for their ego and never ever tell their wife. Not me, I told her that I was happy about what just happened, it did not happen to me before in my life. Maybe my wife was a bit jealous, but she said that she would be happy for me. Remembering the theme of the weekend, she took her courage and told me that I should show the girl to her. So as we left the clothing shop we grabbed a coffee at the coffee bar next door. My wife agreed that she was pretty, and as we were looking for more fun she told me to go and ask her number. I suddenly felt like fourteen again, single, scared to death to go and ask the number of a girl. I reminded myself why we were here for, and that embarrassment, when two, can be funny.

So I took all my courage, went over and gave her my number, while telling her that initially it was my wife’s idea. It wasn’t me who was embarrassed anymore, it was the blond tall girl, blushing on her white skin. Her blue eyes were blazing while I wrote my number on a paper. While I was going back to my wife she quickly left the coffee bar and rode away on her Dutch bike while losing her scarf. She quickly picked it up glanced back and rode off. We were sure we would never hear from her again.

But in the evening around 10 o’clock, a message popped up on my phone “Are you guys still in town?”. We promptly answered her that we were on our way to our apartment and that we would be happy if she would join us. She was at a party, where she could not leave by saying what her intentions were. So she waited until 12 o’clock to leave the party by pretending that she would be tired and wants to go to bed. She came along with her bike and a bottle of limoncello. It was a great night, it was a great weekend, which neither of us regrets.

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I want to talk about relationships, monogamy and sexual fantasies in daily couples lives. My intent is to write about ideas and tips for couples to have an erotic escape from routine and invest in their sexual relationships.

Photo by Azrul Aziz
Photo by Azrul Aziz

With whom else would you have the sex you want if not so with your partner? If you want a healthy relationship in an overly oversexed and emancipated world, one has to talk about sex.

How our society works at the moment.

All the popular magazines one read have tips for you on the topic of relationships. The two tips I read over and over again is that you should communicate with each other and try new things. While this statement is completely true, they do not do further investigations and do not tell you how you should communicate and what new things you could do. They may tell you to leave the light on during sex, and while you are bored you scroll over to the next page just to find a hot model, might it be shirtless Chris Hemsworth or bikini model Kate Upton, you conclude that no one has tips for you on how to invest in your relationship and that it is easier to dream on with one of the hot models. This leads to a society where more and more people cheat on each other.

You know how media, advertisement, movies tell us how a perfect relationship should look like. These stereotypes cannot live up to the diversity of people, their sexual orientations and fantasies. For example: 30 years ago, would you image a gay character in a movie? Thanks to revolutionists like the LGBT scene (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) this picture has changed a lot and different sexual orientations are now accepted, this was not always the case.

Over the last decades the classic couples got stuck as it was perceived as normal, and normal does not need a revolution. Well it does.

The world changes, women and men are more emancipated, financial independent and media, the internet and television floods us with sexual impulses. Being single for a lifetime and divorces become more and more common. It appeals to be easier to not engage yourself, focusing on careers or leaving your partner for another one than investing in an existing relationship. The relationship content of erotic, sex and emotions is still suffering of religious views and shame and they are one of the most important topics of a relationship. This leads to the image that a classic relationship and marriage are odd.

A modern world, needs modern couples. Yes you have to confront yourself with embarrassing thoughts and maybe think unconventionally. You have to say out loud what’s on your mind. The truth is we do not think 100% monogamous all the time, and we want diversity in the bed. This can be a bit odd at first to talk about it with your partner but it will be very liberating and exciting later as you get to a point where you can agree on talking more openly.

Open up your relationship

On the other side off an honest, trustworthy and open relationship, sexual adventures await you how society never has seen them. No book or movie, yes even not Fifty Shades of Grey, come close to what I have seen. Do this step by step and take your time. The most important thing is that you invest in discussions, long talks and small surprises to build up a deep relationship.

Instead of giving up relationships, living in sexual frustration, cheating, breaking hearts, invest first fully in your relationship. This is what I stand for here, and I would like to share my experience, so that you can join the revolution.

Think of eescape as a Woody Allen movie, it’s just great to have this diversity next to the Hollywood blockbusters that are either a comedy romance (we all know how it starts and ends), action shooting movie (the good guy shoots the bad guy at the end) or a vampire movie (why do we have just a handful fictive creatures?).

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